RCCB Record Plus: FE160 and FE250 framesize

Technical Data


Rated at 160 and 250A, the FE frame sizes are designed for side-by-side mounting with FD63/160 types in panels. FE sizes are equipped with an easily accessible busbar connection and can also be supplied with cable lugs for use with copper or aluminum conductors. The design allows the use of interchangeable thermal-magnetic, magnetic-only, and electronic trip units.

In compliance with EN 60947, BS, VDE, UTE, KEMA, CEI.


  • 3 and 4 pole versions available
  • FE160 to 160A and FE250 to 250A
  • Full range of add-on accessories, including:
    • thermal magnetic/magnetic trip units
    • auxiliary contacts
    • completely integrated add-on devices available
    • rotary handles
    • electrical operators
    • connectivity - 60 mm system
    • Changeover/Power transfer systems



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